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Ongoing Internal Projects

Sl No.

Name of the Research Scholars/ Fellows

Project & Topic of Research



Dr. Kumkum Bandyopadhyay




South and South East Asian Studies


Development of Buddhism in Bihar and Religious Intercourse Between major Buddhist Establishments of Bihar and South-East Asia: A Study of Epigraphic and Archaeological Sources


Prof. Rupendra Kumar Chattopadhyay

Paresh Chandra Chatterjee Chair Professor,

Department of History,

Presidency University


Dr. Sampan Ckakrabarty



Folklore and Culture


Negative Characters in Folktales

(to be finalized after meeting with her supervisor on 3rd April, 2017)


Prof. Pallab Sengupta

Former Vidyasagar Chair Professor,

Department of Bengali,

Rabindra Bharati University


Tista Biswas



Sir William Jones RF in Sanskritic Studies


Some Elements of Vedic Culture as Reflected in the Skanda Purāṇa

Prof. Subuddhi Charan Goswami

Former Professor,

Department of Sanskrit,

Rabindra Bharati University


Smita Halder


(Ancient Indian History & Culture)



Exploring the Malwa Corridor: Looking beyond the Cities and Trade Routes


Prof. Susmita Basu Majumdar


Department of Ancient Indian History and Culture,

University of Calcutta,


Sujata Banerjee



History of Science


Science and Technical Education in India: A Study of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (1909-1964)


Prof. Arun Bandopadhyay

Former Professor,

Department of History,

University of Calcutta




Prof. Rajkumar Roychowdhury

Former Professor,

Indian Statistical Institute


Apalak Das



History of Medicine


The Curse of Providence: A Critical Approach to History of Leprosy and its Medicinal Treatment in Colonial Bengal 1873-1955


Prof. Mahua Sarkar

Former Dean,

Faculty of Arts,

Jadavpur University


Suman Hazra



History of Medicine


Vaccination and Children’s Health in Kolkata: From Colonial to the Present Period


Prof. Gopal Krishna Chakrabarty


Department of Anthropology,

University of Calcutta


Priyanku Chakraborty




Rajendralal Mitra RF in Buddhist Studies


Buddhism in Tripura: Gleanings from Epigraphs, Sculptures and Architectural Remains (c. 6th -12th Century CE.)


Prof. Aisarwya Biswas


Department of Buddhist Studies,

University of Calcutta


Sunayana Maiti



History of Science


Interface of Scientific and Technological Education and Industrial Research in India c.1920s-1960s: Case studies of Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute and Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics


Prof. Arun Bandopadhyay

Former Nurul Hassan Professor,

Department of History,

University of Calcutta




Prof. Rajkumar Roychowdhury

Former Professor,

Indian Statistical Institute


Mary Vanlalthanpuii


(Women Studies)

North-East India Studies


Women and Church Politics, A Study of Mizoram Presbyterian Church and the Baptist Church of Mizoram


Prof. Paula Banerjee


Department of South and South Asian Studies,

University of Calcutta


Dyuti Sarkar Bhattacharya


(Performing Art)


Performing Art including Visual Art


Popularise and Familiarise Rabindra Sangeet in the 19th and 20th Century



Prof. Debashis Mandal


Faculty of Fine Arts,

Rabindra Bharati University


Dr. Praggnaparamita Biswas


(English Literature)



Friedrich Max-Můller’s Indology Revisited: a Holistic approach to evaluate the turning points



Prof. Ratna Basu

Former Professor,

Department of Sanskrit,

University of Calcutta


Imran Philip



Dr. Zakir Hussain Fellowship


Gender, Religion and the Changing Position of Muslim Women in Bengal (1873-1952)


Dr. Kaustubh Mani Sengupta

Department of History,

Bankura University,


Manasi Dilip Nadkarni



North-East India Studies


Socio -linguistic profile of the Kuki-Chin people of Manipur (with Special reference to Simte )

Sri Shyam Sunder Bhattacharya

Philological Secretary,

The Asiatic Society


Biswajit Biswas

Matuas Religious Sect: A Study of Folklore, Spirituality, and Its Acceptance in West Bengal with an Ethnographic Lens

Prof. Rajat Kanti Das

Former Professor,

Department of Anthropology,

Vidyasagar University


Ms. Moumita Hossain

History of the Asiatic Society

Proceedings of the History of the Asiatic Society (1842-1947)

Prof. Ranjit Sen


Ms. Poulami Ray

History of the Asiatic Society


Proceedings of the History of the Asiatic Society(1842-1947)

Prof. Ranjit sen


Md Bakibilla

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

An account of Maula Abul Kalam Azad in Arabic: a critical study

Prof. Dr. Ishrat Ali Molla


Ms. Sulagna Bhattacharya

H P Shastri Research Fellowship

A Critical Study Advayavajrasamgraha

Prof. Pratap Bandyopadhyay


Ms. Tanaya Afroz

Language & Linguistics

Adhnuk Bangla Natoker Sanglap O Tar Bhasha Shoili

Shri Shyamsundar Bhattacharya


Smt. Sunanda Mukhopadhyay

Language & Linguistics

The origin & development of Bengali Script

Shri Shyamsundar Bhattacharya




Smt. Minakshi Banerjee

James Prinsep Research Fellowship

A critical study of select Bhanja inscriptions (circa.5th century A.D. to 12th century A.D.)

Prof. Debarchana Sarkar


Smt. Amrita Dasgupta

Sarat Ch Roy

A study among the migrated tribal groups living in the urban areas of West Bengal: Appraisal of cultural heritage.

Prof. Ranjana Ray


Smt. Ankita Chakraborty

Oriental Studies The Influence of Society and Culture on Transformation of Indian Healing Tradition: an Exploration Through the Changed Reading of Manuscript on Surgery.

Prof. Bijoya Goswami